The CTI aims to achieve universal ratification and implementation of the Convention against Torture by 2024.

The immediate objectives of the CTI are:

  • To identify challenges and barriers to ratification and implementation of the UNCAT.
  • To address these obstacles through inter-state cooperation, assistance and dialogue.
  • To become a hub for sharing knowledge and good practices between governments.
  • To build a global platform of states, the UN, national and international NGOs and experts to work jointly to achieve the CTI vision.

To reach its goal and objectives, the CTI works by a principled framework of action consisting of three fundamental principles:

  • Constructive: CTI takes a constructive approach to the drive for ratification and implementation of UNCAT. We do not “name and shame”. Instead we offer practical support and advice to governments in their efforts to ratify and implement the Convention.
  • Twinning: CTI is an initiative by and for equal government partners encouraging the exchange of experience and knowledge and learning from others faced with similar challenges.
  • Inspirational: CTI will inspire, facilitate and motivate. Inspire countries by exposing them to the experience of other countries; facilitate by creating a platform for informal meetings with experts and through the development of useful tools; and motivate by highlighting – in the UN and to the public - government efforts to ratify and implement the Convention.

See what help CTI can offer states that are considering ratifying the Convention or how to implement it more effectively.